Newbie needs parking advice.

Hey all – we are staying in the mountain village. However, we will be with a very pregnant daughter and toddler and wanted to bring a camper to park during the day closer to the park so their breaks would not require going all the way back to the mountain village. Is this doable? No overnight parking or living in the vehicle will be necessary. Thanks for the help! :wave

There’s really only one parking lot close to the festival (next to the Post Office), and it’s been full every year for quite some time.
I’m not sure who owns it at this point or how to get in touch with them, although I have seen a few posts advertising local parking in the past.

There is no overnight parking on the streets without a barricade pass (locals have to purchase one to park in front of their homes), and you won’t be able to drive into town each day without the barricade pass either.

Your chances are extremely thin to find a local that has room on their property for you to leave a vehicle as well, so I would not count on having anything close by.

I am driving in from Ophir each day for the Festival. Can you share more details on this Barricade pass?

Barricade passes are only given out to local residents and rental property owners to be used for access to the town of Telluride during the Bluegrass Festival.

You will have to contact the town of Telluride for them to determine if you in fact are considered a local resident and are eligible for a barricade pass.

They are not available to the general public and will not be sold on this forum.

Only those locals and renters along with established delivery organizations will be able to drive in and out of Telluride During the Bluegrass Festival.

Due to the large crowd during the festival this is done to keep the number of vehicles in town to a minimum.
Therefore, if you are driving into town each day you will have to park at one of the locations Planet Bluegrass volunteers tell you to go to. There are no exceptions.


When does the barricade pass become necessary? is it just during the duration of the festival or does it start before and end after the festival?

We will be coming into town Wednesday morning and the person that we are renting from said that we just need to tell them that we have private parking and they will let us through but i want to makes sure that that is the case before we get there.


Can anybody provide any details as to where the festival parking lot is for those who don’t have a pass to get into town?

Also, if you have a rental place in town, but don’t have a pass, is it possible to at least get through the gate to drop off luggage?

Read the link about the barricade that Telluride Tom posted just prior. It looks like you can get a temporary 3-hour pass at the barricade after Wednesday to unload luggage.

Parking for the festival is at Mountain Village and the gondola is free to ride back and forth from Telluride.

For what its worth; when we stayed at a rental in Ridgway, booked thru a Telluride lodging company, we were provided a barrier pass for the festival. That was 7 or 8 years ago and may not still be the case.


Great; thx all. Is the parking in Mountain Village the deck behind the grocery at the top of the gondola? or is there a special parking place for the festival?

The parking garage by the grocery store is the primary parking, along with the sides of the road leading up to Mountain Village from the hiway. We’ve usually had luck finding a garage spot before 11 am. Hope the helps.