Newbie..Best route to TBF???

Hi Folks,
After many years of wanting, we are finally making it to TBF this year.
We are driving from Lincoln, NE, and I’ve seen a couple different ways to get there. What is the best driving route from Denver. Can’t wait to get there!!! Many Thanks!!!
Happy Trails,

Leaving today from Belleville, KS. We prefer taking I70 to Grand Junction, then South through Montrose to Tride. Safe travels!

Thx KS…Mapquest shows taking 285 from denver, but I was thinking that your I70 route was probably easier. If anyone else has thoughts, I would appreciate them!

I70 will be easier @ night because it’s 4 lanes and thus easier to avoid any animals that may be out on the road. :slight_smile:

COming from Denver myself, 70 is your safest route for a number of reasons (2 lane roads 90% of the way, if you have car problems LOTS more traffic, time is about the same, etc). 285 is a beautiful route, but if you hit ANY traffic or ANY construction, your screwed.

We take I-70 West until you hit Exit 37, this puts you on I-70 Business Loop West.

Stay on that for a mile until you hit 32 RD. Take a left onto 32 RD and stay on that for about 8 miles. This will dead end into Highway 50. Take a left at the light to go South, South thru Delta/Montrosse (This is where 285 spits you out) and follow the signs from there!!!

Safe travels everyone, Leaving West Denver at 5 a.m. Wednesday, CAN NOT WAIT!!!