New Year's Eve

We need a smiley for this one. My friends have talked me into coming to CO for Leftover Salmon Dec 29th in Boulder and Yonder Mtn in Denver for New Years. What are you CO folks doing for New Years?


Kerri and I will be at the Yonder show onnew years eve. I think Kenny and Caroline are going as well??
I’m trying to work out Hot Buttered Rum on the 30th??

Hey Courtney! CSI Mike and myself will be at the Leftover Salmon show! Wanna paint my toenails??

Sheesh, CO really knows how to ring in the new year . . . . I’m jealous!

Of course I want to paint your toenails, what kind of question is that? :eek


My wife Laure and I (Tim) are flying into Denver from Chicago via Florida. Live in Florida, visiting folks in Chicago, flying into Denver to see Yonder for the three nights. We are certainly excited. We love Colorado so much that we have a for sale sign in front of our home and if we could sell we are going to try to find a bit of space out there.

Yeah! What kind of question is that. I’ll go with retorical!

:rolleyes sheesh… kids… does she want to paint your toenails. The QUEEN of toejobs and he asks if she wants to do the ToeJob. How weird is that question.

:wave Love ya, Hooch! :lol

Auntie Hope

Good. Because I seriously need my toenails painted! And there is onely ONE girl who can paint my toenails and that’s Courtney!!

You’re coming to the Rail on NYE, right Courtney?!!! We can do toejobs all night!
I’m ready to rock out to Spring Creek and the Hi*Beams for sure.

And no drunk 16 year olds, whoo hooo!

p.s. I m making the world-famous “Vegegarian Chile.” Be warned.


Just drunk 17 year olds :lol OK, I’ll bring my toe job supplies just in case. Yes, I’m coming and I’m hoping my friends are coming to but it’s out of my hands.

Thanks for the recommendations.


The end of December is going to be great, Two nights of Leftover Salmon on the 28th and 29th, Football on Sunday, Then Yonder on New Years Eve. I’m still Throwing around the idea of doing football, then going to Yonder that evening. We’ll just have to see, On the first I plan on sleeping.
Can’t wait for the Festiviteees to begin.