New wristbands question

Seeing the new wristbands that arrived and the instructions that came with them, I have a question for anyone with prior experience this style. It would seem that they could simply get tighter and tighter over the days worn. Is there a way once set to ensure that it doesn’t get tighter over multiple days of festivation, tubing, sleeping, etc.?

Much thanks!

I haven’t had a problem with them getting tighter. Used them at TBF. Just make sure that they aren’t too tight initially.

Same, I didnt have any problems when wearing them at TBF after 10 days of shenanigans. :thumbsup

I did hear of a couple folks at TBF whose bands accidentally tightened (they were all sudden events, not eventually over time). If this happens you may go to the box office and they fan fix the situation for you but you’ll need a copy of the ID and the last 4 numbers of the credit card used to purchase them to get it replaced. If you’re super paranoid you could put some electrical tape on each side of the fabric just inside the black tightener but just be a tad careful and you’ll probably be good.