New Town Park Campground Bathroom/Shower Facilities!

Check out the new bathroom/shower facility currently being built in place of the old building.

They moved some things around - Prison, picnic benches, water station (apparently fully removed? - looks like it’ll be replaced by an external hose bib?), etc.

4 Men & Women showers each (incl 1 ADA accessible per)!
3 Men’s toilets + 1 urinal!
4 Women’s toilets!
3 sinks each!
2 exterior Dishwashing sinks plus a handwash sink (I think)
Exterior Water fountain/bottle filler
and my personal favorite - a BANJO WEATHER VANE

Looks like it’ll also be housing some dumpsters on the opposite side of the restroom entrance.

Aside from a post flank steak 90* day setbreak portapotty, I’ve never been so excited about a restroom in my life.

Some of the drawings:

Photos Bill Spindler took of the exterior a few weeks ago:

Full Plans:
Plans 1
Plans 2

Estimated completion is May 2022 so hopefully it’ll be ready to go for TBF!

Wow, this is nice. Thanks for sharing

This is super awesome! Sure hope it’s ready!

I just hope it didn’t impact the camping spot next to the original building.
That’s where Debbie always camps. :flower
:hop :clap :thedude

I was thinking the same - looks like it probably won’t but it’s hard to know for sure.

It was time for an upgrade!