New to Telluride!!!

How long before tickets sell out for general admission (Estimate)?
Just bought our vehilcle pass for Mary E. Ilium Camping (2) actually because our Telluriders bus is a little over '22. (Hope thats ok)
Also wondering if we need to get a pass for each person and that is $50 a piece?

This is a bit new to us versus Shakori Hills/Grassroots and Merle Fest
Anyway… the 10 of us will be making the journey from Belmont Nc (near charlotte) to telluride Sat June 16th.
We are still in the bus convrsion process, but are super stoked for a new festie biosphere…and a chance to see SAM BUSH and acoustic syndicate!!!
Much love and thanks for any input!

I don’t think it’s possible anymore to answer this question given that holiday priced 4-day passes, which in the past have taken about a month to sell out, sold out this year in 1-day! (this assumes Planet Bluegrass has not lowered the amount of these holiday passes this year vs. prior years).

It appears that a large amount of scalpers have found out about this festival and are buying up tickets in large quantities. In light of this, it seems the best advice is to buy your tickets as soon as you can.

Good luck! :thumbsup

ps How do you know Acoustic Syndicate is playing next year? :wave
Vehicle pass is for the vehicle itself, not per person.

Yeah that whole scalping scam seems to be the consensus…i just hope the standard 4 dayers last till monday :eek
and as far as Acoustic syndicate …one of our buds is a friend of em…we talked to them about there upcomming set in asheville and then about TBF…they wouldnt say for sure… (i hate cliff hangers! haha) so it could be a piss in the wind…lets cross our fingers!!! :thumbsup

Camping and festival passes are sold per person not per vehicle, and two vehicle passes will not equal a bigger RV. If it’s on the verge of being over 22’ I wouldn’t worry unless it’s closer to 28’. One vehicle pass per vehicle, period. I’m sure someone will want to buy one. :thumbsup

Thanks telluride tom! I will put it out there as soon as we get our other ducks in a row! Thanks for the advice!

LOVE Acoustic Syndicate! I would love to see the again.
So our friend on here, Maineaaah, is from Charlotte! Haul her butt out here for us on that bus, would ya please? She will definitely entertain you and give you some great Telluride stories.

Regarding the length of your bus, I wouldn’t worry too much. The 22’ size requirement is only there because the entrance to Mary E is downhill with a sharp(ish) turn, and vehicles over 22’ will have trouble getting in. If it’s a foot or two, you wont have problems, but as Tom said, if it’s 28’ plus, it might take some maneuvering to get it down.