New To Festival - Requesting Some General Guidance

Hi All

First time coming in for the Festival. Know the town pretty well and will be staying in Mountain Village and taking the gondola in.

Can you help with some basics?

I am coming in solo. Will I be able to move around inside the Festival and perhaps bring my chair up closer to the stage or is it wall to wall people?

If I want reasonable seating, what time should I line up?

Any tips on fun things to do during or after festival hours?



Hey Joe,

In front of the sound booth your chair needs to be a low to the ground so a basketball can’t roll underneath. After the morning’s tarp run, it will be wall to wall tarps up front. But as a solo, it is supper easy to tarp hop, meet new friends etc. You can occupy an unoccupied tarp until the owners come back, and often they will let you stay. The people are the best!

I wouldn’t line up in the morning for the above reason. Depending on who is playing, people will ebb and flow all day. Everyone will pull their tarps before nightfall and most will stand, dance up front for the evening shows.

Around town before and after? There is so much going on just with the festival itself. There are loads of hiking and biking, a farmers market one day, cool shops and such. Maybe take a look at the immense amount of good info in this forum for ideas, as well as I’m sure others could comment on other stuff to do. Did I mention Nightgrass!!

:wave Welcome.
Truthfully the Best way to practice solo festivations is by tarp surfing. If riding the gondola be sure to pack a bag for the entire day, that means clothing for all weather, a couple of water bottles, some cash,and a lightweight piece of rain gear. Grab your chair and occupy an empty tarp until the owners arrive.

You won’t be a “solo” festivarian for long. Stop by the Run a Muck tarp, we always have room for new inmates.


Yea, I’ll go along with Hippie. Tarp hopping can actually (well almost) be considered a sport.

Well, is not it OUR world, which we’re all sittin on top of?

Regarding Hippie’s comment about packing your bag for the entire day, remember you will be at almost 9000 feet elevation, so when the sun goes down it gets cold in about 2 seconds. Bring warmer clothes than you would assume for a summer evening. Tip: A bathrobe works very well as a jacket and is quite comfortable. And I’m not joking.

… not joking at all. Just look at his pic!

Hi Joe :wave

There is a lot of room to move, however the choice spots, early bird catches the worm. Fest code of ethics however states that when a tarp is empty, you may occupy it until the owners arrive. Buy them a round or? At the very least introduce yourself and they may ask you to stay or move along because of the size of their party. FYI lil brother :hug.

Bring a squirt gun :evil

Line up. Bull whackers! Solo you say? Take a chair like Hippie said and float, smile chat, buy beer repeat…sounds like fun to me. The line starts the day before each new day really depending on where you stay. Town side verses Park side. So if you want the best seat I the house just stay in line cause that’s what has to happen. We use to do shifts when we had a large group. No need, go dance.

The river is fun, fishing is everywhere but the runoff is too heavy most years. Bring a fly rod if you can cause you will want it if you fish.The river calls.
Hike Bear Creek and the waterfalls. Go have a Pepper Martini at Smugglers.

Going back and forth will really take time so do bring day/night/rain gear and hydrate often. If you play in the water, night shoes that are dry. Key for me.

BRING A SQUIRT GUN! :evil :cheers You, my friend are going to have a blast! :medal

Squirt gun, eh? That sounds like it MAY be a challenge… :wave

:wave Only if you’re interested in giving as good as you get :flower


See you at noon at the OK Corral cowboy. Now Hippie don’t get me all riled up :cheers Staying wet when its hot is how I can stay for the full day of sets under the scorching sun. Fun city!

Well I thought I was done packing everything including my condoms, tennis balls and foot slave but it looks like I have one more thing left to shop for! :lol. Lock and load. :evil
Are we there yet???

:wave I can tell this is going to be a fun day…silly.


Hold on there, pards :eek… Only one, the honorable, mighty Hippie :peace , has ever been known to actually “pack” a foot slave. The rest of us commoners must hunt :horsey one down, and capture the ever elusive festifoot pleasuring agent :angel…
Do you know something the rest of us don’t? Pleeease share your “foot slave” secrets, and save us from the arduous, annual, mostly disappointing task of the nightly hunt. In Town Park, they seem to only roam the shadows after midnight. Yes, in the moon shadows. So many songs have been sung telling the tales of the failed hunt… Oh, to find the cure to “festifeet”. Just look at Hippie’s glorious feet… he’s the magician, fersure. :cheers

I havent been to this fest for about 10 years. The last time I went we had some low umbrellas that clipped to the low profile lawn chair - they were a lifesave rain or shine. Are these still permitted ?

:wave Aww Shucks folks.
My foot slaves have always been there by the magic that Town Park truly is. You really don’t need to hunt one down, they usually come willingly.


It has been over a dozen years since my last TBGF. Does anyone have a “map” of Town Park they could post? I am wondering where the various areas are within it. I will be a solo ‘walk in’ camper and don’t care about being particularly close to the festival grounds access or other amenities. A tiny space of reasonably level ground is all I hope to get but have no idea where to head. Suggestions appreciated. Probably arrive Monday evening.

You may want to check out the primitive area of Town Park if you aren’t arriving until Monday. It is definitely a walk-in area, but still great camping.
You DO have a town park ticket, yes?