New "this" and new "that"

I’ve had “M.A.S.” in the past, but have learned to avoid eye candy to keep it under control. (“Mandolin Acquisition Syndrome,” for those of you in Tuxedany).

What I’ve allowed myself as an alternative, is buying the gadgets and add-ons that are out there, like straps, plectrums, stands, string variants, etc…

The dollars can add up on “gadgets” too however, and I’ve learned to be careful WHAT I buy, WHEN I buy.

For example…I can’t believe the price of some of the Plectrums out there that folks want to charge. Absolutely ridiculous, in some cases! Plectrums are not the only potentially over-priced gadgets either. I’ve seen some whacky prices on almost anything that is sold as a tool for playing, practicing, tuning, stringing, …you name it, there’s someone out there for every element of the realm, fishing for suckers with sucker bait.

-Plectrum Squeezer

Interesting. I’m constantly saving up my money for the next instrument purchase (piano right now), but never really got into all the gadgets. Even with my band, I just plug into a DI box and call it a day.

I don’t even change my strings as often as they need to be changed. Sounds like we both sure do like an 8 string through!

Some “gadgets” have been really benficial in the mandolin world. For example, the Tone Gard that you clip on the back, really DOES help the sound resonate; likewise the Armrest helps.

I also really appreciate the grommets that go between the strings behind the bridge, to keep the sympathetic harmonics at bay.

One thing I ordered the other day was a simple metal stand with rubber bumpers for the mando. I really had no good place to put the mando if I was switching over to the guitar for a different song. A ten dollar investment that is useful.

So it’s not really about gadgets that AREN’T really useful…but it IS about the cost of the gadgets -vs- the cost of a new mando.

-Plectrum Squeezer