New stringband door (2017 sneak peek #3)

(We’re posting the complete 2017 TBF single-day lineup tomorrow… So today we’re leaking a few of the new names just to the Forum…)

People always ask: How do we find our music…? We stumbled across the Jeremy Kittel Band via a PledgeMusic campaign.

Sure, Jeremy was at TBF a few years ago as a fiddler with Abigail Washburn & The Village (including a memorable Elks Park), but this new project totally knocked me out. We’re talking “continuous-play-on-the-headphones-for-weeks” kind of awesomeness.

Listening to this band I’m reminded of the celtic side of Strength in Numbers, but with timbres I’ve not really heard (hammered dulcimer + cello!). This is epic music with detailed, cinematic arrangements and groove groove groove played with passion and virtuosity. (Sounds like Telluride!)

I saw several sets with Jeremy’s trio last week at the Folk Alliance and really didn’t want it to end. Man, these guys can play.

On the Telluride Friday morning, Jeremy will be performing with his full band - a quintet that includes mandolinist Josh Pinkham, guitarist Quinn Bachand, cellist Nathaniel Smith, and hammered dulcimer player Simon Chrisman. Monster players, of the next generation. All individual names to type into youtube right now (here’s Nat Smith with Sarah Jarosz in Telluride).

Jeremy’s album comes out later this year (did I mention how excited I am about it?). In the meantime, here are a couple short clips from the studio…

The Boxing Reel:
Bach’s Partita #3:

(Just to name-drop a little more: Jeremy was part of Yo-Yo Ma’s Grammy-winning Silk Road Ensemble and has also recently worked with My Morning Jacket and Fleet Foxes.)

Sorry, for the lack of teased “scrolling… scrolling…” in this post. :rolleyes Guess my word-count took care of that! Thanks if you made it this far… See you in a couple hours with another new TBF artist leak. :cheers

love fiddle music. solid addition.