New Rule

I am considering at dusk to bring my chair forward so I do not have to stand. What do you guys think? I love to stand at night up front but I think this year may be different for me. Is it impolite. I don’t think there is a rule…just exploring this…

Never at dusk!

Just kidding. That’s an old Steve Martin reference. Really old…

Landshark, I think you’ll find yourself sitting down front in your nice chair, surrounded by standing people, and then you’ll catch the energy and won’t be able to stay seated.

Does anyone make a portable, collapsible, festival/camping bar stool? I can see a market for a portable bar stool…

:wave I think you are correct. Hard to sit with all that crazy good energy. Hummm. Thanks Bev :thumbsup

also, if you do that, you won’t be able to see anything going on on stage

I agree with previous posters and note that you are likely to get (inadvertently) bumped into and/or stepped on if you try to sit in the front.

That said, if you are sitting behind the speaker towers during day-light hours, you could certainly move your chair up quite a bunch after the sun sets and still sit

Thank you and I know you are all right. Each year small adjustments to keep it fun take some planning. A strategy fer sure :rolleyes

One thing I would like people to be sensitive to (and Festivarians typically are, of course) is we mobility-impaired folk. I walk with a cane, and can’t stand for any prolonged period of time without difficulty. I HAVE to sit most of the time. So the front doesn’t work for me – I’d love to be up and dancing, but can’t be. So if you’re beyond the tower, please keep standing to a minimum. Back where I sit, one person standing up 20 feet in front of me can block out half of the stage. I know that people are going to be talking and visiting with one another and chatting, but please, if you can do crouching or sitting, that would be fab. I remember missing the entire Steve Earle set a few years back because ONE group of about six people stood the entire time – no dancing – just standing. Don’t do that beyond the tower. Do it in the aisle, back by the tents, or while dancing up front.

One more thing – cowboy hats block stages. Ballcaps don’t. Thanks for listening, everyone – can’t wait to be twirling my cane to the music!

something like that?

LMAO - yeah, that would be perfect! :cheers

:lol :lol I want that!

Years ago, after a day of skiing in Durango, we found out that there was some bluegrass band playing that night at the Strator Theater. So we plopped down our $8 for this band we had never heard of and entered the theater only to find absolutely no seats in the elevated tables behind the dance floor. We were able to scavenge a few loose chairs, but no table and didn’t want to block the view of the front row of tables. So we moved the chairs to the front of the stage and used that as our table.

Once the band started, the dance floor got filled, but since we weren’t blocking anyone’s view, we just kinda integrated into the scene. We were also good at holding drinks for the dancers so everyone was happy.

Afterwards, we went up to buy some band CDs and have them signed. The bandmates all recognized us and laughed about how we had the best seats in the house.

Now every time I get a chance to talk with the boys in the Steep Canyon Rangers i remind them of our box seats!

Personally I don’t know if such a plan will work for a huge crowd who are set on getting as close as possible to the T-ride stage, but you might as well give it a try. The worst that could happen is that you fold up your chairs and join in the up-front dancing!

Great story! Add this to the list of reasons (if you needed any) to go see live music at smaller venues.

Perhaps we could start a movement CJ :rolleyes

That is a good story!

rules are over-rated …