New mandolin instructor in Lyons/Boulder area

Hi friends,

My friend Jordan Ramsey just moved to town from Johnson City, TN, and he’s looking for mandolin students. His credentials (besides being the real deal from Tennessee!) are unmatched: he studied mandolin at ETSU under Jack Tottle and was a member of the ETSU Pride Band (their most prestigious ensemble) for two years. He has played on stage with many bluegrass luminaries, including Ralph Stanley, Porter Wagoner, Alison Krauss, Dan Tyminski, Adam Steffey, Tim Stafford, Hunter Berry, Raymond McLain, Curley Seckler, Tater Tate, Jack Tottle, and members of the Steep Canyon Rangers! He’s considered a master in the Jesse McReynolds style and is a highly regarded studio session player, instructor and professional touring musician back in Johnson City. Not only is he an amazing mandolin player, but he’s a great guy with a friendly and patient teaching style.

Jordan’s instructional fee is reasonable (actually a steal!) and he’ll come to your place if you don’t want to travel to Lyons. If you’re interested, give him a call at 806.632.2082.


I just updated Jordan’s number in my old posting. Don’t know if anyone has been interested in lessons recently, but his new number is 806.632.2082.

Jordan teaches all levels.

Hiyas landshark - what version of the A chord are you trying? I tend to use the “A” shape (2 2 4 5) more than anything. But the C shape A may be easier for you. Or just go (2 2 0 0) and let the A & E strings ring. LOL - if you are writing the song, compose what is easy for you!

On another note - I will be at RG on Friday only (pesky real life). Maybe I’ll run into you. I’ll be the guy with the wife and 1 year old son who deserves neither of them. :slight_smile:

Happy pickin!

“A” chords could be 2200, or 6200, x730, 9779, xx75.

If it’s hard for you to do the others you mentioned it could be because of how your thumb is postured?

This might help. Don’t try to get the G & D string with the tip of your index finger. What you want to do is practically bar the entire second fret with that finger. Then put your ring fingure on the A string (4th fret) and your pinky finger on the E string (5th fret). You sorta “pinch” the fretboard between your index finger and your thumb. Once you get this down - you can do it up and down the fret to hit a variety of chords.

Now a small bit of theory that may help. Remember where you had your pinky and ring finger a second ago? Make a 3 finger G and move it up 2 frets (or a full step). Your 1 & 2 fingers are now where your 3 & 4 fingers where a second ago. This is another A! The different chord shapes “share” notes and connect as you move up the fretboard.

Good luck!

ps - if you’re still having questions, I will trade more instruction for a beer the Friday of RG. Of course, there is a 2 drink minimum, and I’m buying the second round.

Yours is a problem I think many marriages go through. It would be nice if every spouse always grew in the same direction and had similar interests at 20 as well as 60. More times than not, it doesn’t happen that way. The key is honest and consistent discussion with your partner. Hobbies and interests that differ from your husbands can cause tension (on both sides) if he doesn’t understand why you need them.

You’re not alone landshark. Plenty of us musicians have to balance our craft with our relationship. It’s even more of a juggling act for me. I play in an active band. We practice 4 times a month and gig out 4-5 times a month. I’m always looking for ways to make my wife feel like she’s first.


im a complete beginner on a brand new mando, very interested in some instruction but also very low on funds. i also dont have a car. these housecalls you speak of, do they cost extra?

hey guys try

Just a little follow up about Jordan Ramsey–he is now the RockyGrass 2008 Mandolin Champion!!!

Yay! :medal