New live music venue in Montrose

It’s called Intrinzik … and is located on the south side of Main street about 2.5 blocks east of Townshend (hwy 50). They opened up last Fall … so they weren’t around last year during bluegrass.

Not sure what they have going on over the next couple of weeks / days leading up to the festival, but for those of you who might be passing through or staying in Montrose on your way to Telluride, it might be worth a visit! The sound system is great & the owner appears to be working hard to bring in good shows to the Montrose music scene. I saw Tony Furtado, a few local bands, and played in a couple open jams there this past winter.

I was at that Tony Furtado show as well. Had I known you were there I would have bought you a beer.
I guess I’ll meet you with Landshark when you meet for a beer on Thursday at 4pm. :cheers

Glad you were able to make that show as well Tom, and likewise about would’ve liked to have said hello & bought you a beer had I known! That was the first time I saw him since he played at the Mesa County Fair in GJ about 8 years ago. But yeah, will meet on Thurs at festival. :cheers