New Grass Revival

Do any tapers out there have copies of any telluride NGR shows especially years 1983 to 1989

Check my website. I’ve got flac files of one show. :cheers

Alas, just gave them all to a young bluegrass fan, and our Grateful Dead collection and others of the period- close to 1000 or more! All were cassette. It took us a couple of years to part with them, finally decided that it was time. Lucky guy

I have a bunch of NGR shows, but i am not a taper. sorry.


okay, so I was being funny! Sorry someone didn’t take it that way. I mean THIRTY smites? :eek

I think you will be able to find a bunch of NGR shows out there… but my point is that lots of us who collect them aren’t tapers… .we are traders.


I hear you LuAnna!
Someone has been on a smiting spree, as a bunch of us (me included) have lost 20 or more points. Does someone out there not like us? :eek

Well, hey, thats what a newbie is I guess. Moi is not familiar in all the “chat room lingo”. Just very interested in NGR shows, vidio and taped. I quess there probably is “a lot out there”. However I am not teckno wizard and not very good at navagating the web. Heck, I just like the music and music fans. Any help will be greatly appreciated

go post a query in the tapers / traders section of this forum. Someone there may be able to lead you to a good way to get the shows you want. That might mean offering to do a B&P which stands for Blank and Postage whereby you send blank discs and the pre-stamped envelope to get them back after someone generously burns copies for you. It could also be that someone will direct you to a site where complete shows are available for download and where there is also access to all of the information you need to be able to download the show and decompress it to be able to listen to it on a regular CD player. that all sounds much more daunting than it really is.

By the way, I don’t think any of my NGR shows are from Telluride.

Hope this helps.

How could anyone smite LuAnna? That is absurd. I mean anyone who goes so far as to make buttons for everyone who asks? There some of em back. Geesh, I’ll probably get smited for commenting!

Can’t you just feel the love around here today :flower :flower :flower

I am ready for another festival! i am ready to be hanging out with all of you people again… like at RockyGrass!
thanks you all… and now I think I should go double check my NGR shows just in case I have something that narf might want.


Thanks much for your detailed advice. It is much appreciated. Tim

narf, send me a pm with your mailing address and I’ll hook you up with NGR 7/8/77 from Louisville, KY.