New for 2022: Telluride Tot-co Tuesday & Tater Tot Shot Tasting Totstravaganza!


Your friends in Camp Trailer Smash will be hosting a brand spankin’ new event all centered around the humble potato - specifically that of its tot form!

Come grab a pile of freshly cooked tater tots and cram them in a tortilla with a buncha toppings or be one of the first to try the infamous Tot Shot™!

When: Tuesday May 14th 10am to 11:59am - come fill up before the beer share!
Where: We’re usually by the waterfall but our site has been taken over by reveg efforts so we could be elsewhere this year so keep an eye out for us!
Why: Potatoes
Bring: Plates/utensils/cloth napkin/your favorite tot-pping (it better not be ketchup you scallywag)

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I love this

Tot shot? If it’s anything like a thongy, I’m scared!

Thank you for the reminder to bring thongies!!

Hell yeah! Tot Shots then Thongies!! Better bring the lube for this year!!! :huh :whip

Pretty sure that’s Hooch’s job!

Please don’t mention Hooch in the same sentence as Thong. Thank you for your help in this matter.

I already threw up a little in my mouth…

tots fried in canna butter are the best!

Hey Napoleon, gimme some of your tots.

No, go find your own!

can you bring me my chapstick - my lips hurt REAL BAD!