New Event - Cat Roping

I am pleased to announce a new event that will be happening on an ongoing basis in Town Park.
Cat Roping lessons.

I have several CATtle ropes for use and am happy to share my knowledge and skills with a Cat rope or Me-asso.

This event will take place rain or shine, you know where. Cowboy hats (or lampshades) recommended, but not required.

Several levels of proficiency can be attained. :cat: :black_cat: :tiger: :lion:

I am currently out on the trail herding these majestic felines to Telluride.

Nate (Cat Fact Corner)<----Clearly going stir crazy thinking of TBF whist trying to work. See you in 3 short days


:joy: :joy: :joy:

Dying. Can’t wait to see you and learn the ways of the cat ropers. I don’t have a lampshade, but I do have a Hello Kitty onesie that should suffice. :thinking:


You need to get some lampshade in your life! We’ll be making them Tuesday at the Fish Fry!
@TheLorax27 got both lampshade and cowboy, we’ll see which works best!

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What about a lampshade cowboy hat!?

Has science gone too far!??!?!

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I feel like I’ve been herding cats forever. Some roping skills might have come in handy. I’ll be there for lessons, and can’t wait to meet your cats!


Oh wow, I may have to make that happen.

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