New Del McCoury Band CD coming out next week!!

Who is getting it?

I saw on McCoury Music’s website that you can now preview the entire new album, from Del McCoury Band and Preservation Jazz Hall Band, American Legacies!

You get a free song download too.

If you’re interested in it go to this link!

Del Yeah!

I listened to some of this last night and will probably buy it. I really dug the blending of the two styles of music. The I’ll Fly Away was excellent.

Thanks for the heads up. I’m digging the new album. Free music is always good too. :cheers

New Del…? I’m in, baby!!
Looks fantastic!
:hop :clap :hop :clap :hop

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Got it a couple days ago, and it’s killer! But I love the Preservation Hall band anyway, so it’s two favorites all tied up in a bow!
:medal :medal :medal :medal