New 25th Folks Fest addition: Session Americana

For the next new artist announcement we are pleased to introduce the Boston based Session Americana. I got tipped off to this band at this year’s Folk Alliance and immediately felt like I was sitting around a campfire listening to some of the best music I’ve ever heard.

The members are veteran musicians and their relaxed demeanor, tight musical chops, heartfelt vocals and guest artists created an organic and “anything can happen” vibe. I went back again and had the same experience.

The group was assembled eight years ago around the idea of applying a traditional Irish music session approach—where musicians sit around in a circle and play fiddles—to Americana, hence the name “Session Americana.” They bring a kind of ease and genuineness to this music, sometimes presenting the latest batch of original songs, sometimes reaching back into depths of the American “song bag”. One thing is for sure, no two Session Americana shows are alike.

Raking Through the Ashes

Yum sounds so nice! :medal

Damn that is awesome.

Listened to a bunch of their other videos. I particularly like POP LIFE.

This is going to be one epic summer TBF-RG-FF here I come.