Neon gerbel bike wheel - want one

Holy shee-it batman!

Totally of topic, but anyone catch the neon gerbel bike wheels at the closing ceremonies of the Olympics? Damn.

Nothing on Ebay yet.

But - now back on topic - I’m thinking these things have some usefullness at Telluride. First off, can we all agree -amazingly cool transportation, tarp to camp and back . But if you just got a nice dose or some vegetables…shit howdy!!! These things could really facilitate introspection, enlightenment and well, giggles.

Want one. Anyone with a lead on a neon gerbel bike wheel, hook a sister up!!!

That must have been one of the few things in the closing ceremony that I missed. :eek
Gerbils? Bike wheel? Anyone have a picture?

Did not catch the wheel but I think yer on to something Jess… :cheers

google momocycle and/or monowheel. you can buy one from hammacher schlemmer(or whatever it’s called)

There were a few of us over here last night watching and the running commentary got kinda lewd when the big phallic tower kept growing and growing and then kinda exploded all over the place.

They over did it big time. I’m looking forward to the Brits.

Thanks for the info John! I did a quick google this morning and found some with motors. Whoa. The ideas are flowing…

Happy Monday! :wave

:lol :lol :lol :lol :sunshine :rollin :rollin :sunshine :lol :lol :lol :lol

Those were great! Very Trippy. Maybe they would float on the river laterally with a sling in them. that would look pretty neat at night. :lol

That would be so cool, you could attach glow sticks (:eek )to em and float down river at night.

I didn’t understand the fuss until I saw these pictures:

Hey Jess, if’n you get yerself one of them gerbil wheels, I’ll volunteer to get it all lit for ya. What color would you like?


Love you Bevin! See you soon!

Bevin where the heck are ya … here in ABQ
or are ya in AK ?