Need to Find a Song Played by the Punch Brothers

On Saturday, the Punch Brothers played a song about whiskey (making your voice sound softer etc). I really want to find it, but am having trouble. Do you know where I could?

If my memory serves me correctly, and im pretty sure it is, that was a song that is going to be on their new album, which has not been released yet. You might be able to find a recording of their set, but i dont know where it is.

When the tapers have had time to deal with their recordings… track them out and tall that…you will be able to find links posted here on the forum to download the sets from this year’s festival. But… don’t forget to buy their CDs too! the field recordings are fun and often superb quality but buying their CDs is the way to help them get to keep on doing what they do so well!


It is a new song that will be on their next album due out in February or March. It is called Rye Whiskey.

For anyone in the Front Range, Punch Brothers are playing at Chautauqua in Boulder on Tuesday night. I’m thinking this was a recently added show, as it wasn’t on my radar until today!

Rye Whiskey is the name of their new tune.

I have a couple audience recording of the song from a few locations (not TBF). Drop me a PM if interested in obtaining them.