Need a place to stay from FRI 13th to SAT 14th

Dear all,

we will be arriving in Telluride on Friday, June 13th, but Mary E Illium campsite will only open on Saturday, June 14th. Therefore, we are looking for a place to stay for that one night. If you know of anyone who would be willing to offer shelter for two well-behaved german guys for one night only, please let me know. :flower

Any ideas, suggestions and recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

You can probably just pay to camp one night at Illium.
It won’t be that much for one night. :cheers

That’s the best idea, Tom.

Illium will be a standard Forest Service campground until the 14th when the Festival assumes management of the site. Just buy yourself a night at Illium and set up once. Then you’ll be ABGAT’ing!!

(ABGAT = Advance BlueGrass Assault Team, for you first timers)

Thanks Tom and Bevin.
That is surely the best option. :thumbsup
It wasn’t obvious to me that it’s a regular campground, I thought it’s only open during the festival.

Is there something like a “Handbook of ABGATology”? Or can someone teach us the basic skills we need to abgat properly. :cheers

Practice makes perfect! :cheers
It takes years to get it down to a science. :flower

Tom, I’ll bet these well-behaved German guys have a pretty good idea of what to do. Probably been training for years and didn’t even know it. :cheers

Bernar, once you get set up in Illium, you should track us down in the Town Park campground Saturday night and me and Tom can make sure your ABGAT training is on schedule :thumbsup

Just start packing in January, read this forum for many hints, and stay away from people like :pirate larry and :evil james.

You’ll be alright

ABGAT!, well, there you go, someone else besides me didn’t know what ABGAT meant. I thought it might be code word for a pre-function that was only reserved for those that know the code, and I felt too newbie to ask.

Anyway, I’m still working on hippie’s camping list, trying to determine how many square inches of space are left in the van, sorting through what might have to be left behind (I did get the duck call in, stuck it in the rear cigarette lighter), and worrying about getting a decent MPG with all the weight. (and it’s all uphill from Kentucky).

We are TP newbies this year and while i gather that most veterans start preparations months in advance I assure you we at least started thinking about it that far back, but only started packing with serious purpose 2 weeks ago, does that qualify as an ABGAT effort or is ABGAT all about the early arrival and set-up?

Are we ABGAT qualified? Is there a uniform? :huh

Well, melndon, if’n you started packing 2 weeks ago, and if’n you’re getting there by Saturday, June 14, then you’re off to a great start on the ABGAT thing. I think, technically speaking, ABGAT people will start arriving on Monday, June 9, and the ABGAT “latecomers” will be there for Saturday land rush, but it sounds like you’re gonna fit right in.

Can’t wait to see how you put that duck call to use, though. That’ll be a new one on me. Can you smoke out of it or something? Does it work like an ultra-wide beer straw that makes funny sounds as you suck beer through it? Possibly calling some high-altitude ducks down for a few rumballs? Leading a Duck Parade through the campground? Come on, enlighten us!

the DC was on Jerry’s list and without knowing what for it seemed like a must.

coincidentally it is the only instrument I play, beyond that we are still waiting for Jerry to enlighten us.


“Are we ABGAT qualified? Is there a uniform?”

From everything I’ve read so far, yes, you are ABGAT qualified.

Uniform? It’s Tye-Dye, Dear! :lol

Auntie Hope :pickin :green