Need a little help: Tyler Childers?

I don’t really keep up with country artists, and I THINK Tyler is one of those. Maybe he’s a bluegrass picker who I’ve somehow never heard of?

If there are any TC fans out there, can you guide me to a few of the songs that move you?


Start with a live recording of Nose on the Grindstone. Then check out the album Purgatory. Fantastic start to finish (my personal highlights are Whitehouse Road, Lady May and Universal Sound). Had the pleasure of seeing him at Red Rocks in 2021 and loved every minute of it.

Tyler’s an incredible talent. His voice, lyrics and band - total package. Will be a great set at Telluride.

I really like the album Country Squire. I find a lot of these modern country artists that don’t fit the pop country mold are really great once you dive into the lyrical content. But, if that twangy country sound isn’t your thing, it can be hard to get past. He’s good though, read the lyrics!

:wave The requests I’ve been asked to play so far…
Lady May, All Yourn, Coal.
:medal Feathered Indians, Whitehouse Road, :burn
He’s a coal country descendent, singing sad, true to his life songs, IMHO. I consider him to be the “country” side
of “Americana Music”, and NOT country. Again, JMO. :cheers
I think he’s a fine addition to TBF! :thumbsup

My daughter said I MUST listen to Tyler Childers. He played Merlefest a few years ago and had a full-on country band. I was not impressed. But then, I stumbled on the 'Live on Red Barn Radio I and II) (and in full disclosure I am a spotify premium member). This acoustic stuff grassed my world.

What will he bring to TBF? We will all see.

YEAH!!! I really like this guy. And I just started with Stubes recommendations. I’m gonna keep going on this listening tour - very excited to have a new artist in my earbuds!