My favorite photo from last year

I took a few of my favorite photos at Rocky Grass last year…

My favorite is this one of an impromptu jam that included a bass player with a baby on board

And the Del McCoury Band is always photogenic

Here’s to even more great times this year!


A few more Rocky Grass 2006 photos here
My best photos

Hi Ben,

Just went through your masterful gallery! What a site to see!

Your shots are AWESOME and I don’t take that word lightly…


Thanks Dewey, the festivals are full of great photo opportunities, yet another reason to go.

How lucky is this kid to be brought into a such a wonderful, loving environment at such a young age? Three cheers for mom!! :cheers :cheers

Well, this isn’t last year, it’s 2001.
My camera malfunctioned. The winder broke through the little holes in the film, and every picture I took at Rockygrass and subsequently The Other Ones at Fiddler’s Green are all in this one picture. I was surprised when all there was in the envelope was one picture, but I soon got over it.
I can see Grisman, Ricky Skaggs, Bob Weir, and Phil Lesh. Any other positive ID’s? I think Nickel Creek might be in there too, and certainly Tim O’Brien played with just about everyone that year.

That picture is what the inside of my brain looks like at the end of Festival Season.

Hey, isn’t that Capt. Telluride in there with his helmet on?

THAT is a SWEET PICTURE! Usually they get so over exposed that all you get back is a black photo.


Hope Lin :pickin

Best. Picture. Ever.

Is that the Planet Bluegrass stage the year it was being built? (before it was 100% complete)


Definitely an interesting picture. :medal