Must do's in Telluride/the Festival

Unlike last time I was in Telluride 5 years ago, and I did 100% music and party with my ex-girlfriend and a massive group of friends (which was perfectly awesome naturally), I am heading to the festival solo this time so I might have some more flexibility to see the unique, the musts, the can’t misses, of Telluride and the greater area, that I missed the last time. I know about the waterfalls, and I’m pysched to hike to those. I love nature, hiking, mtn biking- might bring the bike. Anyway, I will check a guidebook but I prefer listening to what locals and people generally more familiar about an area have to say; I threw away my guidebook in Europe after awhile. I’m going to be at Mary Illium. I’m excited to meet folks at Illium and the festival all over, thanks in advance!