Music meadow sunshade question

Hey all,

This will be our first year doing rockygrass with children. We ordered a sunshade from Kelty. It came in the mail and we just set it up but it’s a bit larger than we thought it would be. It takes up about 10’x10’ area, but it’s also about 8/9’ tall. Is this allowed? Or should we find a smaller one? We are fine with being at the way back of the sunshade area, we just need a home base and shade for our young-ins!


I imagine you could set it up of to the side or the back somewhere, but it will definitely be a no go in the middle of the meadow. I’m in the same boat with the shade seeking littles!

Thanks! I know there are only specific places where they are allowed. I just want to make sure the size is ok in those areas.

That size is fine. Enjoy! :cheers