Music for peace

I have watched this now a hundred times and I tear up every time

SWEEEEEET! :flower

Yep, that’s a good one!

Did you check out their website? I think what they are doing is really cool.

Is this day over yet???

Day is getting shorter and dark by 4:30 Jess… it’s over.
Even the short days feel long when their gloomy.

Really great website and clip. :flower

Way Cool !!!
TY !

Brilliant piece of work
I loved it
the real deal
thanks Jess :flower

“never judge a master by the size of the crowd”

Jess, you’ve gone and sent me on a Playing For Change oddessy. They rock. See how you are. :thumbsup

What a very cool project these guys got going, eh? If I am going to be distracting it might as well be good!

Hey - I bet Sam would love a puppy… :slight_smile: