Mumford Tomorrow

Anybody else going to the Mumford show tomorrow?

No, but saw them this past Sunday. They told us, it was the largest crowd (except for big festivals) that they’ve ever played before.
They had a great encore, acoustic and then a cappella and the crowd was actually very quiet (except for a couple of yahoos) so you could hear Mumford & Sons during the encore. Looking forward to hearing them again in two weeks!

I’ve seen them twice and still don’t understand why people find them so special. They’re decent songwriters who can play a little, so what? I know women like them, but it seems mostly superficial in nature. Glen Hansard > M&S

Control, composure of melody and vocals and they have huge waves of fusion that I adore. Like everyone goes intense at once and then soft, smooth and then again they all slam it up a tad and then all fall, low and slow…

They rock :flower

I am in the same boat as Manhole. That said, I also fail to understand the appeal of Trampled By Turtles, whom thoroughly UNimpressed me at Rockygrass last Summer. Same with Glen Hansard, whom came across as overwrought and annoying at Telluride last Summer.

YMWV, as I am one whom is not a “pop” person in general. If you dig 'em, enjoy! Different strokes…

Be a Mumford Band, in the key of Awesome! :lol

:lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :medal :lol :lol :lol very funny. Hey! Ho! :lol

Glen H is a man filled with passion. He dumps out all this emotion, too much man emotion for you guys. :lol I like him you cannot help but feel his words. :medal

It’s Mandhoe sir! Are you dyslexic, or just in the business of giving low blows? You seem like a giver. Anyway, I’ll take TBT’s musicianship, talent, and energy over Mumford any day of the week. Yes, Glen Hansard can be too much man for those with low testosterone levels. :strong

All my posts on here seem to be revolving around Mumford & Sons, but oh well. I saw them at Telluride in 2011 and their main stage performance was incredible…the energy, the crowd involvement, their sound, everything. I saw them play a free show here in Austin for sxsw last year (incredible again), and I am seeing them here in Austin again on Saturday…which I’m sure will be just as incredible as before. Unfortunately I will miss their main stage set for Telluride this year - but hopefully will catch them playing somewhere else around town when we’re there! :flower

I’m guy, and a fan of M & Sons, :thumbsup and looking forward very much to my 13th and 14th M&S show (3rd @ the SOH! :medal) since first seeing them here in Mpls in May of 2010 after seeing them listed on the 37th TBF lineup. Really love it when Jerry plays with them. All y’all with opinions that you feel need to be shared with us all can just steer clear and find your fun elsewhere? It should be plenty easy… :cheers

Umm, what does gender have to do with anything? You take no issue with alienating half the population of this forum with your comments by insinuating that us silly women folk could only possibly like this band for “superficial” reasons?

Back to the actual topic of the thread - does anyone have a review of the show?

Wow whats with the negativity? I just was hoping to meet some of you.

The concert was spectacular. There was a little folk in there, but that is a rock and roll band through and through. The cover of “Im On Fire” was a highlight for me. Im still smilng. Cant wait for FESTIVAAAAAL!!!

It’s called different strokes: not everyone is going to like the same thing; and I just posted an honest opinion. That said, it’s a great lineup this year all around.

I love how you all think varying opinions = negativity. People are allowed to like and dislike whatever they want, as well as voicing it to others(without name calling JJ). That being said, I love all of you so damn much! This year’s line-up is fantastic, and we’re all a bunch of lucky campers. :hop

I didn’t get to come to Telluride until 2012, but I was at Mumford’s now-legendary show at Bonnaroo in 2011. I wasn’t sure how I’d like it, but it was amazing. They have a great energy on stage. That same festival completely changed my viewpoint on bands like Arcade Fire and My Morning Jacket, too. I checked out AF on youtube when they were up for the Grammy that year, and I wasn’t impressed. It was completely different in that crowd of 90,000 crazy people. Just a beautiful experience. I’m excited to share another Mumford festival show with all you guys on a starry Colorado night. The experience is a big part of the enjoyment for me!

It seems to me like the low blows started here? ^ I don’t mind that you’re not a fan, but why do you need to make it sound like we (and mostly females) have a problem if we like something?
Why single out Glen as someone you think is better than M&S? Do you even like GH, or is he just barely better than this band that you so obviously dislike? And why do you feel Festivarian Nation needs feel your negative vibes so often? (this isn’t the first time, imho only)
Look forward to running in to you @ Festivaaaal! :cheers
:peace gotta start PfT!!! :drive

Thanks for sharing, Odd! :cheers

:thumbsup Agreed.

I love Glen Hansard! Was hooked from the first minute of Once. You won’t find many artists who play with as much passion/intensity as Mr. Hansard. And I would absolutely love to see the 2(Hansard, Mumford) on stage together. Yes, sometimes I’m a shrewd human being, but I’ll never apologize for it or resort to sophomoric name calling.

P.S. Swander You’ve actually enjoyed some of my hard line “negative” comments from time to time.

:festival :sunshine