Mtn. Village

We are Festivirgins staying in Mtn. Village. What can you wonderfull Festiveterans tell us about it? Where to get groceries, good beers, etc. cant wait to get there!

Friend that went with us stayed there last year. Really nice place, but pretty low key at the resort during the festival. Didn’t seem to be that happing up there. Good place to get some piece while your there thou.

I stayed up there the first 2 years of my festival experience. I hung out in town most of the time so I don’t know too much about it other than the hotel. The place we stayed at had the hot tub open 24 hours :thumbsup , so that was nice. Be prepared that if you want to go from the festival grounds to your room and back it takes close to an hour round trip. that was the only setback.

you can do a search at
for everything in town …

Been there a few hundred times. they give some good info but nothing like hearing it from those that have been there!

Looked at the options there before opting for camping down at Illium. We suffer from jamophobia, that’s the fear of a lack of picking opportunities. :rolleyes

Initially we were planninmg on Illiumm but since it is our first time we thought we would get the lay of the land first. Plus it is a summer of celebration for us (50th b-day,youngest grads from high school, and 25th wed. aniv) so we wanted to be really comfortable. I would like some more info though on what people have expierienced at Mtn Village. Good eateries? prices? Grocery store info?

There are a couple of restaurants there, though availability is subject.

There is a grocery store, be prepared for ski town prices.

Basically, Mtn. Village is a fantastic place, but it stays pretty low key during the festival. (very easy to relax when there)
The gondola ride to town is a great way to start and end your day.

Like Dustin said, there is a grocery store in town … its at the top of the hill right by the gondola and public parking garage. Prices aren’t as bad as ‘ski resort’ prices, but, they are a bit higher than you’d find at the General Store in T-Ride. They do have a pretty good selection there tho, especially of fresh produce.

I stayed in mtn village last year at The Lodge at Mountain Village (large condo complex) and will be there again this year. Its a 5 minute walk to the grocery store and/or gondola. It takes approx 25 minutes to take the gondola all the way down into Telluride, but its a very relaxing and scenic trip. As was inferred, there are a few restaurants in downtown Mountain Village, 3 or 4, and a couple bars/grills a 10 minute walk from the condo’s toward the center of mtn village. It appeared that several of the restaurants and shops are only open during the ski season (their loss).

At any rate, I really enjoyed the stay in Mtn Village. It is a good place to stay if you want a somewhat laid-back place to go to. You do hear the occasional pickers on the balconies, and run into folks in the hallways (to include performers), so, its not without its own possibilities.

Not to mention, if the proposed condo-crawl becomes a reality, that will be something not to be missed :).



nice post RMG !

I agree FestiJester! This helps us out a lot. What is the latest on the “Condo Crawl”?
I cannot wait to get this trip started!

Lets do it!!! My desk is almost clear and I can put some energy into this if enough people are interested… :flower
This trip has started my friend, get packin’!

And since cash is the preferred method of purchasing at the festival, I assume there are a couple of handy ATM/banks in Mountain Village and Telluride?

Well my bank has an Atm
Wells Fargo …

… If I remember correctly, there’s an ATM in the grocery store in Mountain Village, and I think there was even one in the condo lobby/reception area. There’s also one in the center of Mountain Village (between and below the two gondolas), and one in that little cafe/restaurant with the outdoor patio that is on the ‘corner’ downstairs from the gondola station in Mountain Village proper. In Telluride, there are a few ATM’s along the trek from the gondola station to the festival grounds. I don’t recall if they had one of those ‘mobile ATM’s’ set up on festival grounds … someone else may be able to attest to that.

… here’s a list of ATM locations in Telluride. You can mapquest or google/yahoo map for directions :slight_smile:

231 W Colorado Ave, Telluride, CO
126 W Colorado Ave, Telluride, CO
109 E Colorado Ave, Telluride, CO
620 Mountain Village Blvd, Telluride, CO
100 Society Dr Telluride CO US

Hope this helps.

Regarding the Condo Crawl … lookin’ forward to it. I’d already offered up to be one of the ‘hosts’ for the jaunt :). I’m sure there will be 2-4 others in Mountain Village willing to host little ‘pickin’ parties’ ;).



You are a plethora of good info…thanks :peace

This may not be appropriate here, but if any of y’all who have responded to give info about Mountain Village know of room availability in town (like people who rent rooms in their houses), I’m looking for a place to stay - working the festival 8 hour shifts, so just need a bed and a shower. Any help would be welcome! Please respond to Jimtown Farmergirl - thanks! :cheers

:wave Contact me off list Jimtown… I may have something, need a day or two to make contact.


FYI- if you find yourself needing cash on Sunday afternoon, don’t be surprised if you can’t find an ATM in town with any money left in it… happened to us twice before, so now we just know to be a little more prepared. I would imagine the ATMs in Mtn. Village don’t, um, sell out.

How late does the gondola return to Mt.Village at night?