MSNBC poll - vote for Railroad Earth

This from the Railroad Earth MySpace page:

From: Railroad Earth
Date: Jun 3, 2009 4:29 PM
Subject: MSNBC Poll - Please vote for Railroad Earth!

Hey all,

We’d like to ask you all to PLEASE visit the following MSNBC Poll and vote for Railroad Earth!

It’s always important for us to have our fans come out in support.

thanks so much!

RRE Family

Thanks for posting that, Tom!! I voted earlier today and was disappointed that RRE only had 5.7% votes… I bet this forum can help raise those numbers!!!

Well, I just voted again and and pleased to announce that they’re up to 7.7%!!!
Cornmeal is also on the list, but they have less than one percent! :frowning: :bash

I almost posted that same poll, but then decided not to. Good to see someone else on the same wave! :wave :wink:

I voted… and suggested they combine their tally with the Allman Bros. since they are playing together this summer… Hey! That totals them over Dave Matthews! Whoooo!! :strong

Back to packing I go… :whip

it makes me smile that railroad earth has got 5% more votes than widespread panic :peace

I love both of those bands, the Allmans, Cornmeal, Derek Trucks, etc. Frankly those votes don’t mean much to me - I want RRE to do well but I don’t care how that unscientific poll pans out. :thumbsup

Widespread paid a lot of dues to get to where they are. As Frank S. would say “they did it their way.” Right on.

Wow, who knew, the Disco Biscuits! They do gets extra points for their name in my book, I should become more familiar with thier music.
…I would love to see New Riders

weird list. why is it keller/DSO on one vote? are they doing something together this summer?

RRE up to 14% :wink:

Agreed. I love so many of those bands, I wouldn’t be able to vote for just one

Yes, DSO & Keller have several (okay, five I think) shows scheduled together this summer…

oh nice, DSO really has grown in the music world as an accepted cover band. Can’t believe the big things they’re doing… though they are pretty good

Wanna hear something sorta funny?
I was hanging out with a couple of the DSO guys (Rob Eaton & Rob Borraco) after their recent Tempe show and just so happened to be wearing a Keller shirt (the brown one with KW on the front)… Anyhoot we were chatting over drinks and Eaton asked me “What does KW mean??” :huh

~I found that kinda humorous… :lol

PS… RRE has moved up to second place with 14% guys… KEEP IT UP!!! ~ Oh and I was able to vote again today… Apparently they let you vote once a day…

I also voted for RAILROAD EARTH!!! They are movin up. Tell every one on Jambase to vote.

16% :thumbsup

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

Hey Hope! :wave

HI Lara! When are you and the family landing in Town Park? I’ll be there…

:woohoo TOMORROW!!! :woohoo

Can’t wait to see you!

Yay! I will arrive just in time for land rush (I hope), soak up some sun for me, if there is any and I will see you soon! Safe travels!!!