mp3 and/or help with flac for mac

This year was my first Telluride and I wish that I was still there. But, until next year, I’ll just have to enjoy that which has been taped.

Anyhow, I see alot of great postings for the site, but can’t seem to figure it out, even though I can access the ftp (I think). Never-the-less, my goal is to ultimately have my favorite sets in mp3 format for my ipod. I can’t figure out how to actually download the flac files on my mac, nor can I figure out how open/convert them to mp3 (or wav).

Can anyone help me out?

Thank you kindly,


You need a good ftp program (fetch, cyberduck ect) to connect to tapers. Then it’s drag and drop just like any other file. Once you have the FLAC’s, you can use MacFlac to convert to aiff or wave and then use itunes to mp3 what ever bit rate you want (though, personally i’d use AAC if you REALLY need to convert to a lousy format

So, where can I get these programs? Are they free?

Is there anyway to just get the mp3 files? I’m no sound technician, I just want to enjoy the jams.

I can open the tapers drives on my mac, but can’t figure out how to get it to save the files.

Thanks for your help!

if you open the ftp through the link (which will open the show in a new window) just right click and select download linked file … though you should get fetch and connect through that way as you can get multiple tracks at a time! Get some kind of converter (i prefer XACT very easy to use) highlight the files and select open with XACT and they will all open in XACT and you will see a button that says convert to WAV & a button that says convert to AIFF thats your choice as itunes readds both formats! good luck its very easy and worth the quality!

AS FOR LMA: YMSB & LOS Shows are up there right now!

You can get “Fetch” the mac FTP program here:

And then get MacFLAC to decode the flac files here:

They’re both free. :cheers

:wave I agree about the MP3 thing - however the I pods really like to deal with that format.

The mac is VERY friendly with the Ipod - very obvious :lol :lol :lol

You can rip the downloaded tunes to I Tunes then synchronize your Ipod. Correct me if I’m wrong folks… but doesn’t the I pod synchro application convert to MP3 on the fly when uploading to the I pod?

I use Fetch as my FTP client - very simple and user friendly for the less technically inclined of us. You can even use you web browser to download the files in a pinch, it is a bit tedious.

The biggest issue with downloading or uploading is the amount of bandwidth available at your user end. If you’re on a dial up - forget it. Even on the “high speed” cable access at my office the Sam Bush set took almost 5 hours to download, forcing me to find other things to do yesterday.

My main audio program is Audacity , totally worth the learning curve needed to make it hum along with the song. I easily handles SHN, FLAC, and even MP3 formats, and will export most formats includung MP3, with the proper Lame library. You might need help to install that converter.

So go ahead jump on in to the show sharing thing - you won’t be sorry. You’ll be expert in a few weeks :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup