MP Vehicle Pass ??'s - Dustin, need your input!!!!

See the thread re: Meadow Park Questions and the latest posts by Poster72 about setting up his camp this week.

Specifically, are vehicles with vehicle passes allowed on the ball field? Sounds from your earlier post like vehicles can camp on the ball field. If that’s the case, we need to know. If not, then I need to make other plans, 'cause I was gonna drive my VW bus and camp in it, but not if I have to park in the gravel lot and not at my campsite. Can you help here? Is a vehicle pass good for camping or only for parking? Is an RV pass required for any vehicle on the ball field or only for large RV’s? Need some last-minute guidance here since I’m headed up soon!


Hey, I just set up earler today at Medow Park and think I can answer your question. It seems to me that camping on the field is not allowed this year with your car. It has something to do with preserving the field. YThere are some spots around where you could have your camp and your bus togeather though. Like behind either baseball fence, but it does look to me like vehicles will not be permitted on the field. See you there.

Bevin -

I’ve been down there once, I’m heading back now.

I’m trying to get a cohesive answer before replying. give me 30 minutes or so…

I’ll let you know.


the spots behind the fields fence where you saw the trucks are allowed, but only if you have a “Camper” pass which I assume is an RV pass. This whole thing is very frustrating. I wouldnt have bought a vehicle pass. There is some very misleading information on the site as opposed to what is actually going down. I still dont see how they’d even have enough room for all the vehicle passes they sold in this case. thats why i left my truck up there in the lot in case.