Moving to Telluride :) Who's with me?

Hey, I my name is Mary Ragan and I am living in Alabama–that is–until May 20, when I am leaving for Telluride! If anyone is interested in giving guitar lessons, I would love to pay you for some! :thumbsup Are people fond of hitch-hiking there? I hope it is more safe than it is in Alabama because I am not going to have a car. Write me back! I need some friends :slight_smile: <3 Love Mary Ragan

Mary, good luck with your relocation. Is this a blind move, or have you been to Telluride before? Go to and sign up to volunteer. This way you’ll drop right in to a local event that kicks off the summer season, and make some friends. Also, try to get on a crew for TBF also, to get your ticket. hitching is commonplace in Telluride.