Mountain Sun Festival at Planet Bluegrass

I heard tickets go on sale tomorrow for a Mountain Sun music festival Sept 14-15 at Planet Bluegrass. Anyone have any details on bands or camping? Not much (any) info on the Mountain Sun website.

Thanks! :thumbsup

Indeed, tickets are now on sale at

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to announce any of the bands until this summer. So we can’t say anything more about the music… Yet.

For camping, we’re currently only planning to offer on-site camping. The campground will open from Friday morning thru Sunday at noon.

Sorry we’re not able to share the key musical details (which are going to be epic), but if you’re a fan of the Mountain Sun Pubs then you’ll want to be here for that weekend…

I’m definitely intrigued by this, another weekend at Planet Bluegrass is always welcomed. Can’t wait to find out the line up.

When are they supposed to announce the lineup btw? Sounds like a lot of fun.

Anyone else have a hunch we might see Widespread Panic play this festival?

Thanks BluegrassBrian. From all of the semi-reliable rumors I keep hearing, I would agree with your “epic” assessment. Camping passes purchased.

so what are some of the rumors folks are hearing? less than 3 months away, it would be helpful to know, especially with some other competing shows that same weekend.

Sooooo, less than 2 months now. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? :flower


Mtn. Sun’s Facebook page says band announcements start tomorrow, and Tuesdays for the next couple of weeks.

Lot of big names already booked that weekend, but the Smokies have a gap in their schedule…

Awesome, thanks for the info!

Headliner is SCI!

I know on site camping opens Friday morning, but does any one know when the music starts friday? Wondering if I should call in “well” to work that day :evil

So where is everyone camping? Is the north or south field better. This will be my first time at Planet Bluegrass