Mountain Biking and Hiking Telluride pre festival

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My wife and I plan on getting a few days of hiking and MTN biking in before Wednesdays festivities begin. We’re camped at Ilium, and mostly will start bike rides from there. The MTB Project web page has some great info and maps for trails around Telluride, and I’m attaching the link to that in this post. My wife is an experienced cyclist, but a beginner MTN Biker, where I’m more intermediate, but we’ll probably stick to the less advanced trails. Do any of you out there in the festivarian innerwebs have experience with 5-12 mile rides in or around T-ride, and hikes that are not to be missed. Also if we need any gear, or bike parts, is there a suggestion for an outfitters/bike shop? Also for any of you like minded Bluegrass loving nature freaks want to join up for some casual riding, or hiking let me know! We hope to be arriving at Ilium on Saturday mid afternoon. We also plan on going to the hot springs in Ridgeway on Wednesday morning if anyone is interested in car pooling.
One more question, does anyone know of links to better maps, or where to get some good trail maps of the area, preferably topo USGS maps.

Here’s a few other sites for hiking/biking around Telluride:

Too bad there isn’t a rickshaw taxi that goes on these trails for us old timers that are too out of shape to hike. :spill :coffee

There are three hikes right in town that I always love doing. Jud Wiebe will get the heart rate going as soon as you start, but it’s not very long. The views from the trail down into town and the box canyon are truly amazing.

Bridal Veil Falls is also worth the walk. There’s a road up to the house that sits at the top. You’re on a road for part of it, but still fun. That one you could ride there, too, if you’re looking for something quick.

Bear Creek is easy and a lovely hike or bike. Beautiful falls at the end.

Waiting patiently on the maps I ordered. But I’ve looked online at the Bear Creek Trail. Would you say this is about a 3-4 mile hike? Is it bikeable? And if so is it Kosher to bike there?

Yes and yes. It’d be a pleasant bike ride and definitely kosher. Pretty wide the majority of the way there.


Nice trail slow climb and wide. :medal

Thanks for all the advice. BuckeyeDog, we’ll be very cautious with all travelers along the trail! Might even stop to say high, and share whatever we might have along with us! Peace

Bear Creek is a good trail for mountain biking. Not too steep, fairly wide, and lots of places to stop and take in the view. It might get a little wet depending on the snowmelt, but that should not be a problem. The only difficult part for bikes may be the last 100 or so yards if you want to get right to the base of the falls. That is a very narrow trail and steep in parts. Well worth it to go up there but not sure if the bikes can get there. There is a clearing right before the narrow trail starts, where there is a big rock. You can always leave the bikes there, no one will bother them. I have walked that trail for 4 decades, it is now much more substantially used than it was in the 80s.

we hiked an 8-mile loop near Lizard Head after catching TBF in 2003 … it was awesome !

we did not do the rock climb posted on summitpost … we spotted a car at Lizard Head Trailhead, then drove two miles down the road and hiked up Cross Mountain Trail, looping over Black Face ridge (~12k’), down Lizard Head Trail … you could do the road walk if you don’t have a second car or bike …

very scenic … spotted deer and elk picnicing on grassy knolls in wildflower filled meadows … we stayed at Matterhorn Campground nearby … hope this helps !

topo maps for Lizard Head and Cross Mountain Trailheads,-107.89207&z=14,-107.93842&z=14


Got the Trails Illustrated maps in today, and its sick! Highly suggest getting one if your planning any backcountry trips. They are rip proof, and water proof. It covers the entire area of Telluride, Ouray, Silverton to Lake City! All roads and trails are marked, along with topo lines, peaks, elevations, and land features labeled! So pumped now, can someone please fast forward to June 1st already! :wink:

Right! I love this place a lot . Bear Creek is my favorite place for mountain biking. It is not too steep , also above that there are lot of places to stop and just click click :thumbsup