More info on the free box please!

Hi all :wave

I’m new to TBF and keep hearing about this free box. I want to donate some clothes but need to know where to take them. I don’t get in until Wed afternoon and am staying at the high school. I don’t want to bring this stuff if I can’t get rid of it. More info would be much appreciated. See you all there!

Hey Gurfriend, you will find the famous free box in the center of town on the same street as Telluride Sports and the Eagle (unless that has changed names, could be a mexifood place now) and I think its the same street up from Baked In Telluride, the uber meet up place for alterfestivating, morning coffee, late day, evening pizza and other got-the-munchies-food.

The owner publishes the Daily Planet Newspaper. Don’t worry, everyone that knows T-Ride knows where the FabulousFreeBox is located and will gently guide you to it and probably follow you to see what you drop off!

The store itself is a free standing wall of wooden box shelves under an awning/city street sidewalk just off of main street. Everyone is invited to participate by leaving something in exchange for dropping something off

Sorry if my directions are off, haven’t been there in a year. I dropped 100 used CD’s in there last year and were gone within hours… Sorry I don’t have a photo of it, didn’t think of it, I just take it for granted!

~Have fun!~

Great! Thanks for the info, I’m sure we’ll find it. Time to go dig for some goods.