More 2009 lineup additions

We’re busy confirming a bunch more artists for the 19th annual Folks Fest in August…

  • Don McLean - what more can we say, one of America’s most legendary songwriters
  • Madeleine Peyroux - a gorgeous interpreter and sophisticated writer who is redefining the genre of jazz-folk
  • Mary Gauthier - a richly insightful and triumphant songwriter - “a unique, intrinsically valuable musical voice” (LA Times)
  • Will Hoge - one of our favorite modern troubadours of roots rock

The current lineup is at:

We’ll have lots more announcements in the coming weeks.

Mary Gauthier played TBF i believe the year 2001, and i was flyfishing downstream by Placerville, was listening to her set on KOTO, and fell in love with her music. She sorta has a Janis Joplin kinda voice. Her album, Drag Queens and Limousines, is phenomenal. Every song. So i for one and very happy she’s playing Folks and will make that day, certainly.

Sorry, guys, I won’t be there this year or any other year, because I am sick of the games you play, as far as getting in line. You know, waiting in line for two days to get in line to enter the campground, then waiting up all night to enter the festival on Friday, and then getting in line yet again to enter the festival on Saturday, and then, last but certainly not least, getting in line, yet again, to enter the festival on Sunday. … The only possible way I would attend would be if Jackie Greene were playing this year, but I highly doubt that would happen, and actually, I’ll just go see him in Sacramento! Then I could visit the bay area while I’m at it!

So who’s playing again???

Well, Mary Gauthier and especially Over the Rhine tipped me over to buying tickets. Last year was pretty miserable in terms of the weather. I’d second some adaptations to the evening line system if the weather is miserable again.

If you haven’t heard Over the Rhine they are amazing!! We talked to them a year or so ago and they said they were hoping to do more of the festival circuit, so we immediately sent them the info for Folks. Glad it worked out. :thumbsup

…I’m still holding out hope to see Greg Brown in the lineup again this year.

Assuming you live in CO, you could just go see Greg Brown in Boulder 8/6/09 at the Boulder Theater. Then, hope he makes it to Folks, too. That’s what I would do if I lived close enough.

…but I don’t, so I’m banking on the Folks Fest.

If Ms. Welch and those two played on the same day it would be heaven. Too much to hope for. I can’t do all three; I normally do Saturday or Sunday depending on the who’s playing. Any clue when the daily lineups with announced?

If Ms. Welch and those two played on the same day it would be heaven.

Amen to that!