Montrose to TBF

last time my wife and I attended we rented a car and drove in from Denver and the car sat for four days. I’m checking shuttles from montrose. Anyone ever do this? Any hints or help/suggestions would be great

I do this every year when I fly in from Australia. When it works it’s very good. I use Telluride Express, it takes about 2 hours from airport to Telluride. One warning - I was left stranded at the airport once ( after 25 hours in transit) and my advice is to confirm exact flight number, arrival times, availability etc with them quite close to pick up date! They did manage to find a driver for me after a lot of calls and I got there in the end but it was a pretty hard way to recover after a long couple of days on long haul flights. Otherwise it’s quite professionally run and much better than hiring a car. You def don’t need a car in town. Pick up from Telluride back to Montrose airport after festival has always been smooth. ( ps they will do a stop for you in Montrose to buy supplies along the way if you let them know in advance too)

The other option that Planet Bluegrass explored the year before Covid was some festival buses from Denver but I think that’s on hold these days sadly.

Just throwing this out there but it’s worth noting that with the current labor shortages, services like this could be a little less reliable than in the past.

Never hurts to put your arrival times out there on the forum and see if there’s others coming through at the same time. I mean there’s basically only a few ways to get to Telluride and about half of them run through Montrose. I’m betting there will be lots of others seeking rides from Montrose airport too. Our camp mate John Crow flies in on Monday, he’s not on the forum but I’ll ask him what his usual shuttle carrier is doing.

Thanks I will check with that service and also post the flights