Money exchange /ticket wristband exchange

I am new to this. Could someone please explain how the exchange of money and wristbands is accomplished? Thanks!

If you already have the wristbands, it will have to be in person, or good faith through mail. Otherwise names can be changed for pick up at will call. Payment can be cash, paypal, venmo etc…

Todd, or anyone else who wants to chime in - are you saying that if you purchase passes from someone on this forum, who has not received their wristbands, that this can be changed to “will call” vs sending the wrist bands in the mail? I am a first timer and am trying to figure out the logistics of purchasing passes and am not local. Thank you!

I’m not certain if it’s too late to change the names at will call or not. Some folks arrange for them to be at will call already. I’m assuming wristbands are being mailed soon, if not already.

Please review transfer information here for a full explanation: Ticket Transfer Information — Planet Bluegrass • Colorado Music Festivals & Concerts • Lyons, CO

But in short, there are different kinds of tickets (will call vs shipped) and there are different ways to transfer them based on the type and the timing.

It’s my understanding that tickets will start shipping within about a week so if you need to change the address on those, do it ASAP.

Let us know if you have any other questions after reading that above link and we’ll be happy to help out!