Moab to T-ride

Every year we stop at a park or two on the way to the festival, and this year our last stop before heading into t-ride on tuesday the 17th will be Arches NP. I was just curious as to what the road between Moab and T-ride was like.

Lots of climbing & decending, or just some? Guestimate as to how long it takes to make the drive? How cool (aka scenic) is the drive?

Some local knowledge (must do’s, see’s, and eats) would be much appreciated!!!

Thanks! 5 days till departure from the bluegrass state for the best bluegrass festival around! :wave c-ya there!

Twisty with some hills (as opposed to huge mountain passes) but the worst, I think, is between Norwood and Telluride.

Back when I was young, Moab was not hip. So, I don’t have any advice on what to do and see.


Paradox Valley is beautiful,
I think you go through that after Moab,
I was holding on to the Oh Sugar Handle
With the Hippie at the wheel… It was a
great intro ride into Telluride :wink:

from Moab to Telluride is 132 miles and will take you about 3 1/2 hours. the 22 mile stretch from LaSal to Paradox is very twisty in spots, it’s down hill most of the way. from Paradox to Placerville is mostly farm and ranch land. from Paradox on I’m always too excited to pay attention because I’m so close!!

Hike arches in the very early morning, before it gets to hot. Wear sunscreen and carry LOTS of water.

Grocery shopping at City Market in Moab or the natural food store downtown ( Moonflower Co-op 39 E 100 N (across from the Moab Post Office)). Gas up too, it’s cheapest there for miles around. Avoid swimming in the CO river below the bridge on hwy 191, uranium tailings on riverbank.

Moab has a great bookstore on main, decent cheap mexican food (La Hacienda 574 N Main St) near the north side of town on the east side of the highway. Find KZMU on your radio, GREAT community station. Best Coffee in town at Dave’s Corner Mkt 401 Millcreek Dr.

Be careful at the top of the paradox grade, the slow down signs really mean it and there is that really nasty bump in the highway Tahoe G was talking about. Lotsa wildlife if you’re crossing between sunset and sunrise - be careful

c u in town park :cheers

Check your brakes before leaving Moab or you may end up with skid marks in your shorts!

We did that adventure last year. :thumbsup

Arches is absolutely awesome…pay close attention to Hippie’s advice. Although we did go mtn biking in the middle of the day, not exactly the smartest thing to do but we survived…so if you get a late start don’t despair, just pack a lot of extra water.

The drive to T-ride is spectacular, give yourself time to soak it all in. We had no problems and only a few minor delays.

Hey guys -

Oddly enough, I never go that route, I always go through GJ and Montrose. Now with gas being OVER 4 bucks a gallon (every time I’m at the pump I get that special feeling one gets when watching their retirement run out the nozzle, into the car), and the fact that I chose this summer to sell my more fuel-efficient Saab and buy a small motorhome, I’m thinking it a good idea to heed Rick’s advice and go through Moab.

Here’s MY question. I have driven that route a few times in all of the years, but always on the return trip, and I can’t say that I have a clear memory in this regard. What’s the grade like? Is it manageable for a first time RV driver? (I read something up there about “skid marks” and really like to avoid those if at ALL possible!) Or should I (speaking of skidmarks) take it in the shorts gas-wise and travel my typical route?

Thanks doods!

xoxo Rhonny

There are 3 places where there is steep winding grade. The first being past La Sal right before you get to the CO border. The speed limit is 15 and you want to obey it. There is actually an area of steep downhill straight away right before the first hairpin where you’ll catch air if you’re going to fast because the road is in bad shape.Use low gear and pump your brakes and you’ll be fine. The second is before you get to Bedrock. THe grade is about the same but not quite as hairy. The third is the Norwood hill which is a little more manageable. Your gears are your friend, especially when loaded down. It’s worth it, it’s a beautifull drive from Moab to Telluride that way. Much more so than going through GJ (IMO).

Thanks all for the info!!! I appreciate it and I can’t wait to get out there!

(I read something up there about “skid marks” and really like to avoid those if at ALL possible!)

me too!

4 more days to go.