Flying into Durango on the 13th heading to Moab for the 13th and 14th and plan to see Arches and Canyonlands. On the 15th I will be driving from Moab to Telluride. A few questions for anyone who has made this trek. Looks like this should take 2 1/2 - 3 hours, is that accurate? Is there anything to do/see along the way?


Your drive-time estimate is pretty close. There’s lots to see along the way, but nothing “official” like a park or national monument. But it’s a beautiful drive!

The Moab/Telluride drive is my absolute favorite in all of Colorado! :drive Personally, I find the area right around Naturita the highlight… such breath-taking country.

Aw, man! Now I want to go way outta my way to do that drive! Think my carpoolers will mind? :wink:

There’s a good liquor store in Naturita that has a walk-in cooler. That’s worth a stop on a hot, summer day.

That’s a great idea. I should consider turning the second bedroom into a walk-in cooler. Filled to the brim with Tecate!

DTM and Blaze will have their own La-Z-Boys, too… you know, since duct tape doesn’t freeze. :wink:

You are trying to make me wait EVEN LONGER to get to Telluride??!?! :eek :lol

C’mon, Adam! It’ll be fun! Just pretend we’re on a really long beer run… :giggle

All you need is a ten and a five-r, car and a key and an able driver

B - double E - double R - U - N, beer run :drunk

Glad I stumbled on this thread!

I’m driving down from Park City, Utah and saw two different ways to get to Telluride.
One heads down to Moab and then goes to UT 46 (Old La Sal Hwy) and then Colorado 90 to Naturita and then down to Telluride. This is suggested from Yahoo Maps.

The other takes I-70 to Grand Junction and then Hwy 50 down past Montrose to Ridgeway and then Telluride. This is Google’s suggestion.

Any suggestions on which would be a better route?


Ok. I will answer this question I posted earlier, myself, since I just got back from the festival. Maybe somebody will wonder the same thing next year. :wave

Drove Moab to Telluride both ways and it was under 2 1/2 hours each time, 125 miles. Beautiful drive and I am going to go this way each year. I wouldn’t drive this way at night if I had to because of all the deer and elk.


Likewise, the trip took me just over 2 1/2 hours. Beautiful drive. Stopped at Walkin Liquors in Naturita. Good liquor store and COLD beer cooler.

good info. I don’t know why I thought it would take 4-5 hours. Maybe I was thinking round trip or something, or all the way up into Arches. That, or I drive slow. (NOT) Anyhoo, glad you took the trip and I agree, it is breathtaking. :cheers

I stopped at some liquor store in Naturita also for some Fat Tire ale.

Did anybody see the marker board outside the liquor store that said,
“Get drunk at home, it’s cheaper than the bar!”. Ha Ha.