Mile High Music Festival


I wasn’t sure if I should post a link to the lineup as I feel like most of you know it already, but I will anyway.

I’m just curious. I’m hearing a lot more about Telluride and such around, so I was wondering what Festivarian’s think of it. I’m not expecting RockyGrass levels of excitement, but still…


:wave Nice mix in the line up , but no tailgating and camping? Festival means to be festive, drinking and sun don’t mix with driving…

Camping and parking lot fun are well, fun… :medal Do you have a shuttle, trees for shade and lots of water stations??

That line up looks stellar, If I could afford to go to more festivals I would probably hit that one up

Hey all, they just added Thievery Corporation, Devotchka, Big Head Todd & the Monsters, and Lukas Nelson & the Promise of the Pearl. Not bad additions, especially Thievery (who I missed at the Fillmore in April but heard was pretty good).

I haven’t heard of Lukas, actually. Just checked him out online and it’s not bad. Still - Thievery Corp validates day 2…

Agreed - without camping it’s just a concert, not a festival.

Went last year. Hot! Several stages are in tents, so there is shade, but extra heat. And last year they wouldn’t let you bring in your nalgene or any other containers.

But figure out a way to/from the fest, it’s in BFE. And they will kick you out of the lots after the show.

Tool opening for Panic? Not to be missed…

fixed that for ya. :wink:

Just talked to Maynard, sounds like you are gonna get the “Marylin Monroe” version of “Happy Birthday to You”. Should be sexy.

That is, right after JB and Maynard throw down a Prison Sex>Coconuts.

Than it will be one epic concert :cheers

Haha, they just added Jet, too. I thought that was pretty random.

I have to be honest with you on this one. I went last year, and wouldn’t go again until some MAJOR changes are made. The weather was hotter than CRAP, shade was not readily available for most stages, you couldn’t take in anything, and the lines for water were half an hour long, at least. The food was really expensive and far away, the parking was far away, the lines to get in were at least an hour long, and the booze was horridly expensive. Plus being in the big city, there were no trees, and an overabundance of drunk, underage/college hoodlum types all around. I called afterwards and told them to contact Planet Bluegrass to get some tips on how to put on a kick-ass festival. It was a shame too, because there were some really great bands present. :rolleyes

Another example of too much of a good thing. I couldn’t agree with you more Daniela. I had the same experience. As I type this the inner kid in me is shouting “You are F’ing OLD!!!”. 20 years ago that would have been the greatest weekend of my life. Instead I just wanted my couch and a fan. Oh well…

Telluride is about as large as I do now. And I agree again - it’s done very well.

Damn hoodlum types

I just got a response from the festival and they’re going to let me park my RV on site! Not sure if I’ll have to move it during the night, but before I’d have to park far away and take a bus or something!


So RV Parking is going to be in the south-east lot, I guess, and they’re letting us have a shakedown street there.