Microbreweries in Telluride?

Anybody know if there are any microbreweries in Telluride? I like to bring a growler home for myself and my dog-sitter whenever I leave town.

Smugglers Brew Pub! It’s pretty close to the festival grounds. Kind of the south east corner of town. Within eyeball sight of the gondola station. Yum!

mmmmm…beer nuggets…mmmm

Mmmmmm meun looks good. Thanks!!

:wave Come into Town Park and make friends with your local home brewer… He/she might just have some extra to help you fill up your growler.


There’s a new Brewery in Telluride. They sell cans as well. I like the Brown the most, thought the Rye Pale certainly worthy of a taste. They are located in Lawson Hill - Telluride Brewing Company, nice little spot, especially for all the folks camping out there. They’re in town on tap, at least were until the Llama got squelched by an uppity neighbor, probably available elsewhere, almost certainly at 221 South Oak St. ( a fine Bistro) and in L.S. round town.

Thanks for all the good leads. I’ll be bringing some home brews to trade as well…

I always enjoy a pint or two of Smugglers knuckledragger pale ale!!!

Coming from Minnesota, planning on bringing some Surly and other special brews (Heady Topper from The Alchemist)…no home brews at the moment. Looking to try other specialty beers! Hit me up!