Merry Christmas

Have a fun and safe day today.


We woke up to a White Christmas this morning in western Colorado. We hope that Everyone has a wonderful Christmas.

Peace on Earth good will to All

Much Love
Kenny & DeAnne

Hey!!! We woke up to the quiet from the windstorm we had last night. All is well. The cabana still stands. All hail the mighty cabana. A beautiful day, and last night chatting online with festivarians on the site for the Monday night hang for the Hippie from Olema Radio Show. Crazy Ron had to call me and remind me it was Monday. I love festivarians. I can’t wait for this year!!! New recipes for sweet and delicious appetizers.


Peace and Love to my festivarian family. :flower

What a blast! Last night in Telluride Tom’s Chat seemed to be a record evening for our Festivarian Family! I can’t thank Hippie Jerry enough for the great music he played on his “Hippie From Olema” ( show that helped us all ring in a Very Merry Christmas Morning! :pickin

Can’t wait to do it again! Merry christmas to All!

Auntie Hope :pickin

Hope everyone had a wonderful day
Monday night was a Blast !
ty all
Jerry played a clip from our wedding that was great ty Bro
Peace N Love

snow on the ground, family close by, a great virtual Christmas Eve get together in the chat.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Time to gear up for NYE!