Memorial Day THANKS to our Veterans

Thanks to all our Veterans and their families. THANK YOU! When I was growing up, nearly all my friends’ dads had served in WW 2. My dad flew missions over Europe in WW 2. He took pictures. In my late teens, I had some older friends who served in Korea. During the late 60s our veterans allowed us hippies to go bonkers objecting to the unjust war in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. The cruel nature of the Draft Board caused 1000s of our “poor” young men to be involuntarily sent to their deaths. I just barely missed getting drafted myself. I lucked out because I pulled a “good number” during the 2nd year of the new draft lottery. Many of my friends were drafted and sent to 'Nam. Some of my friends were killed there. Many were wounded and maimed there. Some of them came home addicted to heroin. Over 4 million Vietnamese were killed.

Grateful Dead at Kresge Plaza, M.I.T.
May 6, 1970

free benefit show during nationwide college campus protests
days after the Kent State Massacre
The show kicks off appropriately w/ Dancin’ in the Streets

audio stream for SBD
info page on The Archive


I respect and admire our troops who serve professionally. It is disgusting to me that our leaders DO NOT have the courage, honor, and dignity to send our troops off to war ONLY WHEN it is absolutely necessary - unlike the senseless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The best way to appreciate, honor, respect, and support our troops and their families is to bring them home safely. Please bring our troops home — NOW (not in pine boxes). Will we ever learn how to live sustainably?


I’m a Vietnam veteran and I full heartedly support our troops. :thumbsup

Montrose recently had the honor of being the only town in Colorado to have the “Moving Wall” on display. It’s a quarter size replica of the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC, and I was proud to have it here and visit it. :medal

I’m sorry to have only started looking at this general discussion area until today and wanted to just say thank you to all the vets out there. Without you, it is possible we would not be able to enjoy this little slice of heaven we call festival.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!