Meal and Food Suggestions for Town Park Campers

Hey Festivarians, I am relatively new to the Festival (3rd year) but am a TownPark Virgin. Of course, I want to do it up in style, and I love to cook. Anyone out there have suggestions on good meals to prepare before hand and cook in-camp, as well as some thoughts on the best cooking methods? I see that steak and bacon are a must (naturally), but my girlfriend is a veggie so I need a few more ideas. What is your best method for keeping stuff cold for multiple days.

Thanks for the ideas and suggestions!!

Coolers and ice. Mac and Cheese is a good veggie option (Until Hooch puts bacon in it, anyway) that wouldn’t be too difficult to make. Not that kraft crap, but real mac and cheese.

I take it they sell ice at Town Park? Is it pretty expensive?

plan on getting fresh veggies locally. there is a farmers market, not sure when? someone will chime in. there are also 2 markets in town. it’s good to support the local economy, that’s why they bring us back each year.

ice is $3 for a 6Lb bag sold in camp usually they start selling it Tuesday pre-fest. you can get ice from the markets and liquor stores also, prices are comparable.

In my own defense I give any vegetarian upwards of 30 seconds to grab food before I dump bacon in it!

And in non-bacon related news: I once pre-made and froze black beans and yellow rice. Reheats nice and is yummy and does not require as much chilling power to stay good.

Yes, they sell ice in Town Park starting on Monday after land rush (or maybe Sunday). Not too price inflated. You can also “tip” kids with wagons to fetch some for you.

Okay so maybe Tuesday. Just ignore me.

A cold apple and peanut butter my fav, pears and swiss crackers and grapes.
Orange salad, yummy. :medal

So true Rick! Please try to buy fresh and local when you can. It just taste better. :medal

Tasty Bites – always bring them to shows now, whether camping or not. They’re basically Indian Food (vegetarian) MRE’s … can eat them straight out of the pouch or heat them up in a pan/pot.

Farmers Market on Oak St. on Fridays, meat (basics + elk, bison, etc.) and veg. (early season stuff), plus baked goods, kettle corn, clothing, etc…

Does Telluride have a grocery store/place to buy fresh local veggies and meat other than once a week from the Farmers market?

All of your needs are easily met in the town of Telluride. Run a Muck purchases all of it’s food locally, we like to support the town economy. Cindy Lou makes a bunch of quiches and freezes them for reheating in camp, come by and have some before Hooch tries to contaminate them with bacon. Always remember to respect the frog.


Yes and they have a great produce section. The store is in the center of town easy to find. JUST LEAVE NOW! :lol

Both the boys have been moved to a Gluten-Free diet recently. We’ve got the hang of it at home, but the travelling/festivating is going to be harder. FOM or any other locals, any places you’d suggest that cater a little more to the GF crowd?

I too am GF (well, allergic to wheat, so basically GF). I am not as sensitive to it as some folks, so please keep that in mind for any suggestions. I have found the festival food somewhat tricky to navigate, but OAK has a couple great options, as does the Indian place. Outside the fest, I have found Cocina de Luz to have good options but not sure about contamination. If I remember correctly, one of the markets has GF pasta and bread. Breakfast in town is a bit difficult but Butcher and Baker has some good GF options. My go too snack in a pinch is cheese and sausage as a finger roll or on nut crackers, with a bit of mustard! (or bacon). Hope that helps! Would love to hear any break through you find during the fest!

Contaminate with bacon? I do believe you meant improves. You can not contaminate with bacon. it’s one of Newton’s laws of physics. :cheers

Here’s a link to the recent gluten free thread:,15082.0.html

Improve on my quiche? No quiche for you! and Jerry, all but 2 of the quiche I made have meat in them. FYI

oh baby, shut up and quiche me!