Meadow Park?

When does Meadow park open for Rockygrass?

I was told you could claim a spot before thursday… is there any extra fee for setting up before thursday or does the camping pass cover it.

Any info on setting up in Meadow park would be helpful… I’m organizing a group of about 12 people

can’t wait


From the Planet Bluegrass page:

Opens: 9am on Monday, July 21


So if you want to get there early, go for it. :thumbsup

A small group will get there Monday on the dot, but you to don’t need for a spot in shade on the river.

However some will come from Denver and around Monday or Tuesday night to set up camp, and then go back to work for a few days, so for that big of group if you wish a shady spot you might want to get there by Wednesday if not before.

However the middle of the field at Meadow Park can be gotten at any time before the music starts for a group that big, you’ll just either need to bring shade or not care about lacking it!