Meadow Park stereo playing

11 year veteran of Rockygrass feeling for the first time that a significant number of people in the campground were not very community like, respectful, or even bluegrass fans.

We were camped by the river with about 12 in our group and found ourselves treated to adjacent sites pumping their stereos long after the campground was essentially silent, save a few mellow jams. Is my experience, that jamming is ok all night but not blasting your stereo, different from everyone else’s? I could fall asleep to my neighbor playing Cedar Hill because that’s why we go, but The Cure blasting on the iPOD speaker at 4am was kind of a buzzkill.

I actually asked one group to turn it down around 4am, which they did, only to turn it back up about 30 minutes later. When I finally went back to ask them to kill it there was only one guy there - cranking the music. Everyone else was completely bombed and passed out.

I know people let loose and this is the place to do it, but that doesn’t mean acting totally irrespective of your fellow campers, does it? Or is this like a GenZ thing?