As much as I love my ‘Hold the Mustard’ t shirt, I am not a fan of the new rotating MC format. There seems to be a lot of information not covered since the guest MC’s only deliver info on the set they’re introducing, most often read directly from a cue card :argh Pretty sure Dan will never be back, but let’s get a permanent MC up there that knows what’s happenning. Just one guy’s opinion.

I vote for the Hippie
long time DJ … for public radio
Great since of Humour
knows how to play the crowd

Lets vote Jerry , as the New MC !!!

Hey Ron I think yer on to something good. This could happen… :medal
Thats 2 votes for Jerry!

I would vote for Hippie too but he can’t do it. He’s too busy cooking for the Town Parkies, making me rum coffee, and drinking my hooch (and not in that order).

watch out for this man…

I kinda doubt that will ever happen either. I think we should just get used to the fact that it will be a rotating set of MCs, since the artists seem to enjoy doing it. Anyway, Burle’s pretty in the know; give him a chance.

Pastor Mustard would come back to TBF if Planet Bluegrass wants him. I would love to see him come back–it’s a better festival with him. He did a great job of keeping everyone informed about everything–he did much more than introduce artists. We’re all still speaking his language around Town Park, in fact. He did it for 32 years–it’s a tradition that is sadly lost.

I think that this is TBF’s redheaded stepchild. Haven’t been to too many of the other festivals, but I not sure they have permanent emcee’s at those either.

Yes, there is a need for one or two great new long time emcee’s at Telluride. Yes, they need to be fun, speak clearly, confidently and knowledgable and at the same time, driven to get the mountainous job done right. Submit your suggestions to TBF, that’s where change is made.

As for Pastor, maybe his time had run it’s course. Dan is involved in many activities and multiple streams of income, so dropping out of TBF wasn’t the only thing going on in his life… He played his hand in a poker game and didn’t win the pot! And a mighty HEEN for you all (Gee, I thought I would never say that)!

Consider the job for yourself:
Five Days, 31 acts, 25 or more psa’s, 18 hours a day, airtime, food, lodging, throat coat, transportation, jovial, enthusiastic, ON, happy, perseverance and studying/memory and last but not least, SOBER! (keep in mind, sometimes he didn’t have clue who was coming on stage, he was just really good at improvising as well).

So? How much would you charge at the top of your game to do this? You are a one person act, so naturally, you could charge more…!

Dewey is right for sure - it’s an incredibly grueling task to fill that MC slot all day for 4 straight days. The Pastor used to have a camper of his own backstage just so he could get some rest between acts. I know I couldn’t do what he did, considering the intense and sustained effort that went into his performance. And it really was a “performance.”

And I also feel that the rotating MC thing isn’t working for me. It’s great to see folks like Del introducing folks like Ricky, but the lack of continuity, which I guess I got very accustomed to, kinda bugs. Burle did fine for his first year, but stage banter takes practice, especially with so much time to fill.

I too agree with John and Bevin…and though having the same person all day long, all four days, is or can be a double-edged sword, I’d rather take the chance of being cut by a sharp wit and a solid performance than listen to the cue card nannerings of a rotating cast of characters.

But then I guess I shouldn’t be so pointed in my comments… I’m sure there are those who think I should be restricted to speaking off of cue cards.

xoxo R

Rhonny’s Cue Card

Im Really a nice Person
you just got to get to know me …

Sorry Hon
Love Ya !!

:lol :lol

Damn Son!! Are you gonna get it when next I see your pony-tailed-ness! “To 'da moon!” :lol

xoxo R


Rhonny, I have a great time with ya! see ya next year!

Auntie Hope :pickin :green

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