Maybe I'll try to get a booth for RG next year....

selling this stuff:

Has bacon taken over the world???

I am intrigued by this. I’m going to make a batch this weekend. I’ll get back with you all on it.

It’s all a plot or should I say play ploy from Hooch to establish world dominance through fried pork products. :pig :pig :pig

um…I’m thinking “yuck” on this one. Cherry bacon? Nope. That’s in the eewwwww category.

I have another river trip going out in November and I’m thinking that I shall work on perfecting the bacon vodka martini between now and then. That way we shall have a truly refined, perfectly suited cocktail for the traditional last night pig fat pyrotechnics.

Ah the martini and the river trip. Life is absolutely marvelous. :thumbsup

Cherry Bacon Cider … no, Bacon Cherry Cider :rock

Hey this could be good, On halloween put dry ice in it and it will look like bubbling blood.
I drank martinis with a professors wife once on Halloween and she was dressed like a fairy, she walked through a patio screen door that night wand in tack and all… it was hugely funny… I swear it was the dry ice :lol

all i can say is …YUMM!!!

This is the exact recipe I followed to make my bacon vodka for Rockygrass. Jerry sent it to me and I couldn’t resist trying it. Oddly it turns out a hazy yellow much like margarita mix and not colorless and clear like regular vodka. Most snubbed their noses at it but Sarah (Maineahhh) was doing shots of it one evening late. She’s a champ!!! And, surprisingly, she did not require hospitalization afterwards.

Yes, well, I do know a thing or two about the consumption of bacon . . .

it does wonders for kissing breath . . . lemme tell ya ladies, you want a man?? Shots o’ Hooch’s Vodka’ll do ya good . . . . . . .

funny thing is, this was this EXACT night that I did those shots . . . . hehehe.

Sarita !
You Rock !!!