Maui or Rocky Grass?

:slight_smile: Well hello…I am new to all of this you see and so am SHY…
Does anyone know of anyone who Teaches mando near OC. I am willing to travel…but prefer not to go too far inland…LA is OK for an awesome lesson…I started with Sandy Munroe so now what am I going to do…besides move back to Aspen and rent a bathroom for 2K a day…
also, I am on the prowl for tickets, back stage passes.;…anything anyone wants to send for a pittance of some sort. Of course I could call off the whole thing and go back to Maui…
~always hear~

The suspense is killin’ me!

Was it Rocky Grass??.. or was it Maui??? :huh

Did the lost Mando student ever find a teacher??? :eek

We may never know! :eek

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:lol It would exhaust you to hear all the places I have moved in the last couple of years. But I LANDED in Nashville, where I belonged a long time back and should have never left!
Sorry to leave you on the edge…and believe it or not after taking from Thile at the Academy last summer I have not found a teacher until two days ago…and all I can say to that is Hallelujah!
The proof will be in the pudding as they say…and now I have some time to prepare for Next Summer! Yes I miss Maui- who wouldn’t, but you go a little beserck when you on an Island without enough bluegrass.
~always hear~

I think a guy named John Moore lives near OC. A kid named Chris Thile once took lessons there. Also another veRRy good teacher, Evan Marshall.

Good luck!