Matt Costa? Fox tonight???

hello fellow friends. matt costa is playing at the fox tonight and i have bought my ticket. im really excited about the show, but i am pretty unfamiliar with the act. i was wondering if anyone could fill me in on what his shows are like, and let me know if anyone is going. ive heard his music and think he has something going, but i cannot figure out if he has a band with him or what. please fill me in, and have a wonderful day.

matt costa is great!!! i have not had the chance to see him live either, but ive been excited about tonight for a while. when i bought my ticket the box office guy told me it was selling pretty well, so dont be surprised if it is a little packed! see ya there!

thats cool im glad your excited too… i really need to know what this guy is all about. has anyone out there ever seen him live??